2019 Captain Bios

Sydney Olund

I want to captain Indy Red because I believe that womxn belong in ultimate, womxn belong in sports, and womxn belong in leadership roles. Furthermore, I believe there is nothing more rewarding than hearing the laughter and satisfaction of a group of people you helped bring together. Indy Red and the PUL share those ideals, and I’m excited to get a chance to make those ideals a reality.

Other leadership experience:

  • Co-coach of the University of Illinois’ B team (2014-2015)
  • Captain of the Columbus Cocktails (2016-2017)

Kate McInerney

I wanted to captain Indy Red because I want the team to build on its own groundwork into something even greater– reach farther, gain more talent, touch more lives. I wanted my ideas to be reflected in the team’s decision-making in the new season. I knew I could do good captain things and that I wouldn’t be a great team manager, but I had some concerns about fitting in time around my job, coaching, and club commitments. I thought maybe someone else experienced and with more time could do this better than me. But you know, if everyone decided the work was too hard or they were too imperfect to try, then nothing would get done. So I went in prepared to do my best, and try to help others do their best as well.

Other leadership experience:

  • Coach of Xavier University Ignition since 2016. 
  • Captain of Nationals-level mixed team Cincinnati Steamboat in 2013 and in the upcoming 2019 season. 
  • Captain of Regionals-level women’s team Cincinnati Sureshot. 
  • One of several on-field leaders for Steamboat at the Pan-American Ultimate Club Championships in Argentina, where we placed 5th and won the team spirit award. 

Photo credit: Joseph Harrison