Ryan Gorman

What does gender equity mean to you?
I have been blessed my entire life with opportunities that I now understand aren’t granted to everyone (whether that’s related to gender or any other inherent cultural assumptions or biases). While I still have plenty to learn and much more that I can do help promote change in our community, I am inspired by those that are paving the way and excited for the chance to contribute through my role with Indy Red and the Premier Ultimate League. Gender equity to me is all about creating opportunities and providing support for women and girls to achieve any goals that they set for themselves. Ideally, Indy Red and the PUL will show these women and girls that there is no limit to their participation within the highest levels of the competitive landscape within the sport of ultimate.

What made you interested in this coaching opportunity?

I was honored when the captains (Kate McInerney and Sydney Olund) approached me with this opportunity. I have been able to challenge myself at many different levels within the sport of ultimate as player, captain, organizer, and so on. The new challenge of taking on a coaching role at the professional level interested me greatly, especially within the context of everything else that the inaugural PUL season looks to accomplish. I am very excited to be a leader for Indy Red, collaborate with the captains, and help the team and every individual perform at our best, improving from the beginning of the season through the end.

What leadership experience do you have on ultimate teams?

Describe your community involvement/engagement

I dedicate a large portion of my time outside of my professional career in financial planning towards participating in and promoting the sport of ultimate at various levels. I remain active as a player, captain, coach, coordinator, and leader while I often have to wear many “hats” within the ultimate community. Aside from the actual competition of ultimate, I spent two years working for USA Ultimate (2013-2015) in Colorado Springs in the event sanctioning program before returning home to Cincinnati and being appointed as the President of the Cincinnati Ultimate Players Association (CUPA) Board of Directors in the summer of 2016 (and remain in that position currently). When I’m not organizing or playing ultimate, I enjoy spending time with my wife and dogs in the Linwood area of Cincinnati.

Playing experience

Other Ultimate Accomplishments: